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About Stephen Hatch, M.A.

I am a contemplative teacher, thinker, photographer and writer.  For the past thirty years, I have lived as a "Worldly Monk," combining family life with meditation, silence, solitary time spent hiking and camping in the wilds, a simple lifestyle, and mindfulness. I have a B.A. from Colorado State University in Philosophy and Religion, and an M.A. from Iliff School of Theology, specializing in Mysticism. In the 1980s, I trained with Thomas Keating and then worked for several years with Contemplative Outreach, the organization he established to teach centering prayer. Currently I teach Contemplative Christianity at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Since 1976, I have lived in Fort Collins, Colorado. I am married, and have two daughters, both in their thirties.


I practice Wilderness Mysticism, a wisdom tradition I've developed that has its roots in Christian Mysticism. I also consider myself "Interspiritual," drawing on contemplative insights from many different traditions, including especially Buddhism and Native American Spirituality. Hinduism, Sufism, Taoism, Contemplative Judaism and the works of American Nature Writers have also influenced my worldview. Sometimes I think of myself as a "None" - one who resonates with the current "Spiritual, Not Religious" movement. However, I believe firmly in living a disciplined life, and in developing a set of spiritual practices that help form the "container" or "lens" through which the Sacred can be more readily experienced.

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