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Notice: This page is under reconstruction.  In the meantime, if you see one of my photos on Facebook and want to find out if it is suitable for enlargement, please feel free to private message me on Facebook Messenger or email me at . Currently I am selling only loose, unmounted enlargements. Thanks!


Welcome! My photos come from my hiking trips in some of the most spectacular landscapes in the American West.  I’m always on the lookout for scenes that illustrate the contemplative themes of peace, silence, solitude, simplicity, mystery, awe, the mirroring of inner and outer, and mindfulness of the innate beauty of things. These pages reveal some of the possible scenes for enlargements. Most of my requests, however, come from people who see my work on Facebook and then ask if a given photo can be enlarged. Generally, they choose to order a loose print and then mount it themselves. Here are my Facebook Page and Blog!

Video: "Mystical Canyon Journey"

(featuring my photographs)


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