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Host a Workshop in your area.

As a highly engaging and passionate speaker I am available to give lectures, workshops and retreats in your area.


Topics include:

Wilderness Mysticism

Earth Spirituality

Christian Mysticism

Enneagram Spirituality

Men’s and Women’s Spirituality

Men's Issues


Email to set up a workshop.

Check out my book!

John Muir is best known for his work in preserving the great natural areas of America.


Anyone interested in experiencing a deeper communion with Nature will find this book invaluable.


Purchase on Amazon.

Here is My Second Book!


"Wilderness Mysticism" offers a balanced theology of both the sacred masculine (Father, Son and Holy Spirit) and of the sacred feminine (Mother, Daughter and Holy Soul) as a di-polar creative Source in its articulation of a mystical spirituality of Nature.

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"The Unruly Mystic: John Muir" is a movie that interviews theologians, spiritual teachers, psychologists, Native American elders and outdoor enthusiasts regarding the spiritual meaning of Nature in the context of Muir's mystical experience of wilderness landscapes. To purchase or rent, please visit this site

I am Interviewed in This Film!

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