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What is Spiritual Direction?

"Spiritual Direction" is a classic contemplative term used for a one-on-one session in which a mentor listens for the unique “direction” in which the Divine is already working in a seeker’s life, and then encourages them on their own path. As such, it is not a form of therapy. Spiritual Direction relates directly to the Anam Cara or "Soul Friend" tradition of ancient Celtic Monasticism.

When I’m doing spiritual direction, I serve as a mirror or sounding-board through which the seeker can more readily discover the ways in which The Creative Source is working in their life. Intentional practices such as meditation, silence, solitude, reading, reflection, journaling, and outdoor contemplation are encouraged. If the seeker is interested, I also use the Enneagram Personality Typology as a tool for discerning their basic stance toward life and chief motivations. Since I have a background in theology and philosophy, I enjoy helping seekers develop their own theology or philosophy of life. 


60 minute one-on-one sessions are via FaceTime or Phone.

$65 - single session

$300 - 5 sessions

$550 - 10 sessions


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